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I'm a Certified Personal Stylist handpicked and trained by Stacy London of TLC's "What Not to Wear."  My experience includes styling for photo shoots, editorial magazines, fashion shows, corporate styling events, brand partnerships and one-on-one styling, personal shopping and image consultations with everyday women and men.

As a former litigation attorney I understand the value of time and that how we dress speaks volumes.  To me, fashion is about more then a new outfit or pair of shoes, it evokes emotion.  Looking good on the outside instills a sense of confidence inside.  Although I have always loved fashion, my journey as a stylist began when I personally felt the impact fashion had on me while I was battling cancer.  I had no control over the outcome of my illness but I did have control over how I would fight it.  When I put on clothes that fit my changing body, it lifted my spirits and I actually felt less sick.  I realized that looking good and feeling good went hand-in-hand.  

My passion is to help my clients look and feel their absolute best and find their signature style, all while having fun.  Regardless of your dress size or budget, I can help you discover your style, reclaim your identity and use fashion to build your confidence. 

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