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We'll review your wardrobe and decide what to keep, alter, consign or donate.  Let's de-clutter your closet and your mind, keeping only items that work best for your body type and style.  You'll end up with a closet that is more organized with only the clothing that works for you, saving you time getting dressed each day.  We'll find hidden treasures and put together new looks with the clothes you already own, creating a "Look Book" for you to reference so that you no longer waste time wondering, "What should I wear today?"  

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We will uncover your ideal style image by discussing clothing for your body type, personality and lifestyle.  I'll show you what type of clothes work for your body and colors that work for your skin tone.  We will cover all aspects of your image to create or update your look, giving you all the tools to dress and look successful. You will receive all the tips and tools to look and feel amazing.

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I'll create a list of specific stores and boutiques that suit your unique style and budget.  I'll pre-shop, set aside certain pieces of clothing, and lay them out for you in the dressing room so they are ready upon your arrival.  With my guidance, you'll discover that shopping can be fun and easy.  I'll show you what clothes work for your body type, skin color and personality.  If you prefer not to shop or don't have the time, I'll select the clothing for you to try on in the privacy of your own home.  You can also book my services for a fun group shopping adventure for you and your closest friends to enjoy a VIP experience!

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I partner with retailers to increase foot traffic and drive sales, making shopping at your establishment a fun and engaging experience that motivates customers to come into the store, as opposed shopping online.  Customers will learn to navigate your store and I will show them which clothes work for their body-type, personality and budget while they enjoy a VIP personal shopping and styling experience.

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Special Occasion Styling

I will help you get ready for those special events that come up in your life.  My services include styling for events such as  weddings, holiday parties, and photo-shoots.


Vacation Packing

I will pack your things for your next vacation and/or business trip.  After discussing your itinerary, I'll get your suitcase ready and shop for those items that are missing from your packing list.  I will make a look book of your daily outfits and pack them efficiently in your suitcase so that all you have to do is arrive at the airport on time.


Gift Giving

Don't have time to shop for the perfect gift for loved ones, friends, employees or colleagues?  I will do the shopping for you.  I will make gift giving fun and easy!

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Style Seminars & Workshops

Customized company presentations focusing on a wide array of style topics.  Workshops are designed to fit your company's needs and can also include one-on-one style sessions with your employees.