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It’s Still Summer Style Essentials

Hey there, I'm checking in to see how your summer is going and to bring you some fresh summer style essentials.

I know, it's already August. But I've always hated when people said that summer was over once the calendar hits August.

So instead of counting down the days until summer ends, I'm suggesting that you take this time to wear all your favorite warm weather outfits and to even try out some new summer fashion ideas!

It's not too late to dive into some of my favorite summer style essentials. In fact, you can probably purchase most of these items on sale!

Whether your summer has been spent outdoors basking in the sun or you're someone who enjoys the warm breeze of summer nights sipping fruity cocktails, you'll want to know what's sizzling in the world of summer fashion.

Don't worry, I've curated a short list of summer style essentials that are worth mentioning. (I've relied on them countless times throughout the summer).

There's still time to hit the beach, have a rooftop brunch, or simply enjoy lazy summer afternoons, and my fashion essentials will have you feeling fantastic while you close out summer.

Keep in mind that they are different from my list of the hottest new summer trends linked here:

1. Matching Summer Sets

Style hack: Don't forget that a power suit is also considered a matching summer set. Look for a colorful 3 piece summer suit consisting of a vest or blazer, matching pants and shorts so that you can wear it to the office and again on the weekends!

See my latest Instagram and Facebook posts for some fun summer outfit inspiration.

2. Retro Sunglasses

Style Hack: If you have been spending all summer in an oversized pair of sunglasses or even classic aviators, it's time to give a retro pair of sunglasses a try.

Don't forget that accessories are a great way to add some spice and personality to your next summer outfit!

3. Elevated Tube Top Necklines

Style Hack: Whether it's a summer dress with a tube top neckline or a tube top that can be paired with your favorite bottoms, this is a trend that I can't get enough of.

After all, most of us love our collarbones, why not flaunt them this summer in your favorite tube top and let your confidence really shine!

4. Mesh Flats

Style Hack: You either love them or hate them, but one thing's for sure, mesh flats are on trend this summer. They're a practical alternative to sandals and flip-flops and a stylish way to beat the heat.

You can feel confident wearing your mesh flats to those last minute summer bbqs because your style will be on point even when your pedicure isn't.

5. Popcorn Swimsuits

Style Hack: Popcorn swimsuits are swimsuits that are made of a textured or crinkled material.

Not only are popcorn swimsuits all the rage this summer, but the best part about this trend is that the textured material works to smooth out every curve and is a great way to camouflage any imperfections!

So there you have it, my 5 favorite summer style essentials that have made my summer a literal breeze!

Let me know if you need help finding any of these trends or whether you want help searching for your own personal favorite summer style essentials.

Remember having clothes that you love in your closet will help make getting dressed much easier.

Write me a note to let me know how your summer is going, I love hearing from you!

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