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I might be jumping the gun a little here but Memorial Day has come and gone so my thoughts are on weekend BBQ’s, days lounging at the beach or by the pool, and nights outdoors sipping summer cocktails. I know we’ve only had a handful of warm days, but I’m already looking forward to summer. Who’s with me?

Although summer does not officially begin until June 21st, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season. Summer is my favorite season for fashion. Of course, I would like to be prepared when the opportunity to wear something fun (without the need for layers) presents itself. I’m thinking about summer dressing and I’m ready to prep my summer wardrobe for all my warm weather plans. And I want to help you do the same.

So, let’s talk about summer dressing (I’m sure your inbox has been bombarded with all of the latest warm weather trends, and I know that things can get confusing). I’m here to eliminate any confusion and break down the key to summer dressing.

Summer dressing is all about comfort and ease, we want to wear outfits that will make us feel confident (even though they cover less of our bodies). The goal of summer dressing is to feel stylish and pulled together. But without all the fuss, am I right? I'm sure you want your summer outfits to be easy and effortless, so you can just get up and go, but easy dressing should definitely not mean dressing boring!

With that goal in mind, the question remains… what summer 2022 trends should you invest in to reinvigorate your wardrobe?

If, you are like me, and your bank account can only handle a few new purchases this season, I’ve got you covered. By adding just 6 new pieces to your wardrobe, you can channel current trends AND update your wardrobe for easy summer dressing.

While there are plenty of summer 2022 trends to choose from, I’ve combed through them all and narrowed them down for you. My goal is to bring you some new trends and styling tips to freshen up your looks. So browse my picks for the clothes that will help you get the most out of your summertime. I’ve added images of the trends so that you can see for yourself which trends work for you and your style personality.



You may have noticed that vibrant colors have been on trend all year (and will be continuing into summer). Designers and retailers know that after two years into this pandemic, we all need some serious color therapy to boost our moods. Forget tans and neutrals this summer - the fashion forward trend is all about color. Think hot pink, shocking orange, gorgeous green, bold blue... you get it, basically every vibrant color under the rainbow!

Style tip: Go ahead and mix different vibrant colors in one outfit. Add a lime green blazer with an orange handbag. Try wearing hot pink and red together. Wearing multiple vibrant colors in one outfit is a great way to amp up your wardrobe for summer while boosting your mood!


Knitwear is here to stay in 2022 and crochet is having a moment. From crochet bikinis to tops, pants, bucket hats, handbags, and dresses, you will see this trend all over the stores. This trend adds that touch of texture that makes any outfit interesting. It’s the perfect way update your summer 2022 wardrobe.

Style Tip: Try styling your crochet pieces with sleek gold jewelry this summer!


Cut-outs have been on trend all year and we are seeing them in many different iterations for the summer (from traditional oval and circle shaped keyhole cutouts in necklines, to waist tie-ups). You will find cut-outs in dresses, swimsuits, bodysuits and skirts. Basically, whatever way you want to wear this trend, you can!

Style Tip: Make sure that you wear your cut-outs strategically (if you are conscious of your mid-section, wear cut-outs at your neckline, not at your waistline). Basically, use cut-outs in a way that works for your particular body-type. Let me know if you have any questions!


Hemlines range from ski high to ankle length, so choose whatever hemline works for your lifestyle. Try investing in one of each type of hemline this summer! Go with maxi- skirts and dresses that can be worn to work, and save the minis for the weekends. You get the idea!

Style Tip: Style your maxi and mini skirts and dresses with fashion sneakers instead of sandals for an unexpected touch this summer!


Nothing says summer quite like a white dress, this especially rings true for white eyelet dresses (they just scream summertime fashion)! Invest in a white dress because it will be in style for years to come. Dresses are my favorite outfit, its a one-and-done look. Simply slip on your dress, choose your shoes and accessories, and you are ready to head out the door with no fuss!

Style Tip: Try pairing your white dress with black sandals and accessories as an unexpected twist on summertime fashion.


For a fun and romantic look try fringe or ruffle hemlines or necklines. Flirty fringe and romantic ruffles are the quintessential feminine look. Not only are they a chic addition to any outfit, they are fully on trend this summer.

Style Tip: Remember to wear your ruffles and fringe strategically. If you are smaller on top, wear your ruffles on top to add volume to your frame. If you have larger hips, wear fringe and ruffles at your hemline to balance off your hips. When in doubt, I'm here to help!

My summer trend list covers a range of trends, so hopefully there is a trend on the list that you can get behind this season. But, don’t forget that you should stay true to your own personal style in order to feel confident. That means you should only choose those trends that you like and that represent you.

Send me a message if you need help getting your wardrobe summertime ready! Be sure to check out Instagram.com/lisaemelostyle for more ideas on ways to wear these trends!

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Updated: May 19

Spring is finally here, and many of us can’t wait to shed our winter coats and bust out our warm weather wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I’m growing tired of my sweaters, coats, and boots.

Although Spring is not quite in full bloom, I’m inspired to ditch my winter wardrobe and trade it for some lighter, brighter pieces. Who else is looking forward to a climb in temperatures to inject some Spring fashion into their outfit rotation?

If you’re like me and suffering from Spring fever, and you’re ready to change over your closet and make the wardrobe switch, but are confused about what outfits to reach for, I’m here to guide you to make the right choices for your Spring wardrobe. I know that Spring dressing can be complicated since Mother Nature is fickle and temperatures can change drastically from day to day in April.

For those of you that are ready to inject some lightweight fashion into your wardrobe, I have some advice for you: The key to Spring dressing is learning how to LAYER.

In my opinion, there are some layering pieces that just cannot be passed up for Spring. Why? They are the perfect transitional pieces for Spring weather because they can easily be layered for cooler days or stripped down when temperatures start to heat up. So exactly what are these Spring wardrobe heroes that I’m referring to?

SPRING STYLE IS MADE SIMPLE with the following pieces:


Anyone who knows me, knows that my outfits are not complete without a blazer. In my opinion, a blazer is a building block for any wardrobe. I love a blazer because it pulls any outfit together. If you’re wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a blazer will elevate your look. But, for Spring, it’s all about lightweight blazers. So, pack up your wool blazers and opt for a cotton or linen blazer. Pair it with a long sleeve blouse or knit on colder Spring days or a lightweight t-shirt on those days when the temperature skyrockets.

Style tip: Pair your blazer with your shorts for an unexpected look that will have you looking stylish all Spring and Summer long.


Whether it’s made of silk or cotton, a designer or fast-fashion brand, a scarf is one of the most classic and versatile accessories you can wear no matter what time of year it is. A scarf works especially well on those cooler Spring mornings to ward off the chill. Better yet, wear it on warmer days to keep you toasty when the Air conditioning is on full blast.

Style tip: Tie your silk scarf around your favorite bag to add style every day of the week then, simply tie it around your neck when you are feeling a bit chilly.


If you don’t already have this iconic piece hanging in your closet, you should purchase one this season! I promise you won’t regret the investment. A trench coat can be thrown over practically any piece of clothing you own. Layer it over your work wardrobe or wear it with a t-shirt and jeans, and either way, you will look effortlessly pulled together and comfortable.

Style tip: Try a trench coat in a bright color. It’s the perfect piece of clothing when April showers roll around, but it can be worn all Spring and Summer for warmth and style when temperatures dip.


Nothing says Spring quite like a floral dress! The pattern is timeless and an instant pick-me-up when the warmer weather arrives. Although I love dresses all year-round, I especially love slipping on a floral dress to signify the arrival of Spring. Whether it’s a maxi, mini or midi-dress, I promise you will look and feel on point for Spring in your floral dress. Just add your lightweight blazer or trench coat for days when there is a cool breeze!

Style tip: Remember when shopping for a floral dress, the scale of the print should match your stature. Let me know if you have any questions!


Loafers are a classic shoe that are definitely having a moment this season. When temperatures heat up and it’s time to shed the socks, loafers are the perfect shoe to reach for. After all, Spring weather is often too chilly for sandals and too warm for boots, and a pair of loafers provides the perfect solution!

Style tip: If you want to dial down the preppy vibe, try pairing your loafers with some fun, edgy pieces such as leather pants or a moto jacket! Try a slide loafer as the perfect Spring shoe.

Now that you are armed with the pieces that make Spring dressing simple, go ahead and get excited for the warm weather!

Remember I'm here to help so let me know if you are confused or need a shopping buddy for these must-have Spring pieces.

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Your wardrobe should be filled with CLOTHES THAT YOU ACTUALLY WEAR, right? Then, why do so many of us have a closet filled with clothes with tags on them and items that ultimately cause us to feel buyers’ remorse?

One way to avoid all the clutter and feel good about your purchases is to become a purposeful shopper. That means avoiding all those unnecessary impulse purchases. I know, this is easier said than done. Especially when we are constantly bombarded with email alerts notifying us of the latest sales.

So how do we turn a blind eye to the sales and begin to shop smarter? And what does it mean to become a purposeful shopper?

Shopping purposefully means taking the time to really think about what you are buying before reaching for your wallet. After all, you work hard for your money, and every dollar that you spend should be spent on a wardrobe item worthy of your investment.

I’m sharing my ultimate checklist to reach for before grabbing your wallet.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before adding another item to your closet:

  1. Will this item “go with” at least 3 other items in my closet?

  2. Does this item fill a hole in my wardrobe, or do I already own something similar?

  3. Will I feel comfortable and confident wearing this item, or am I buying this item because it looked good on someone else?

  4. Is this a quality, timeless piece, and will it last?

  5. Will I wear this item enough to make it a good investment, or am I buying it because it is on sale?

Save this ultimate checklist for the next time you go shopping. It will help you become a savvy shopper and create a closet filled with clothes that you actually wear and feel confident in.

Let me know if you need a shopping buddy to help you with this process!

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